Create an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Customer Experience

Boost Revenue with Digital Assets in ..



Digital Touchpoints

Create an online presence of your business with the right digital assets, to increase brand discovery and start your customer’s journey.

Customer Journey

Envision your customer’s journey from awareness to advocacy and create a seamless experience across all digital assets.

Content Ecosystems

Increase effectiveness of your business content to establish trust and loyalty with a holistic approach to content creation.

Digital Products

Offer new experiences for your customers and create multiple revenue streams with innovative product offerings. 

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Plan and execute a digital transformation plan for your traditional business across the entire organisation in order to stay relevant and ahead.

Digital Transformation Index

An assessment of your business readiness for digital transformation, identifying gaps and resources needed to move forward. 


Product Development

Starting with your website, HIMURA will create and manage your digital assets.

Customer Experience

From creating Customer Experience (CX) strategy, to social strategy, let HIMURA assist you with the bigger picture.

Digital Content

Use content as a tool to engage with customers, build trust and increase lifetime value.

Start growing your business with a digital transformation strategy.

Do not let your business stagnant. Instead, take control of your business with a clear digital strategy.

With digital transformation, create a clear path to profitability in world of hyperconnectivity . Focus on building a solid online presence that attracts new customers and retains existing ones with better customer experience. Instead of focusing on acquiring new customers, create a healthy ecosystem around your business as a strategy for top-line revenue growth.

We help you plan and implement a complete digital transformation strategy based on your business requirements and resources. Potentially creating new revenue streams and increasing the average customer lifetime value.

With HIMURA, we focus on the customer journey and business content in order to create the above-mentioned ecosystem. 

A Digital Economy & Transformation Agency servicing MSMEs and SMEs in Malaysia. We specialize in digital asset creation, management and optimization by improving customer experience.




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